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Obama Has Lunch at Ohio Bar, Sees Old Man, Buys Chili

Photo of Smitty's via the bar

On his way to a town hall meeting, President Barack Obama made a surprise stop for lunch today at Smitty's Bar, about 30 miles outside Cleveland. While there, the following happenings took place the prez charmed a 98-year-old man eating fries, posed for photos with a baby, bought a bowl of chili for a man celebrating his birthday, and ate a hamburger that the bar's website boasts "blows the buns off the competition according to a 1995 competition hosted by the Elyria Chronicle Telegram." In any event, it's a good guess that the Obama buzz will make Smitty's an instant hotspot. Well, for Elyria, Ohio.
· President Obama Stops at Smitty's Bar Before Town Hall [AC]