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Five Notable Quotes From Alain Ducasse

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Just days after winning his 19th Michelin star with the upgrade of his London restaurant to the three-star plateau, the often-curmudgeonly Alain Ducasse sits down to talk about his restaurant empire. While the French culinary master does chat a bit about the Michelin recognition, Ducasse mostly uses the interview as an opportunity to proclaim London the hottest food city in the world, remind everyone that he still hates Spain, and even get in a few potshots at Gordon Ramsay. The whole thing is really worth a read, especially the parts where Ducasse tells the kids to get off his lawn, but here are his five best quotes from the interview:

1) On the London dining scene: “There has been a revolution in London in the last 10 years...The restaurant scene is very interesting. Michelin should give it more stars; it's mean."

2) On molecular gastronomy: “Classical cooking and molecular gastronomy should remain can mix two styles and get fusion; any more and you just get confusion.”

3) On the nature of his growing empire: “It’s not an empire...I have restaurants, bookshops? but it’s not an empire, more? a puzzle. If it were an empire, all my restaurants would be the same.”

4) On the French Laundry: “It’s sexier, less formal, than a French restaurant but it is clearly not American, it’s Franco-American.”

5) On Spanish cuisine: “Everyone talks about Spanish influences, but where is it?...Tell me 10 great Spanish restaurants in London....You can’t give me the addresses. Nor in Paris.”

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