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Stephen Starr's Next Project, Reactions to the Emeril Show

PHILADELPHIA—The latest project for Philly's resident mover-shaker Stephen Starr might be a new, 250-seat German concept that he’s calling Bier Garten. [Phoodie]

LAGASSEWIREEntertainment Weekly? Not a fan of Emeril's new move into the talk show realm: "Lagasse may still be around—he hosts Essence of Emeril on the Food Network and his own call-in radio show on SIRIUS XM—but he feels almost retro at this point ... both Lagasse and [Rachael[ Ray seem part of a different (a.k.a. older) generation of TV chefs/personalities and watching them do the talk show thing feels like a big old snooze to me." [EW]

EUROPE—Russia might not be a fan of American chicken ("Americans raise their chickens on chemicals...They’re all fat. There’s no taste."), but they don't thumb their collective noses up at American fast food joints, because the first Russian Burger King opened in Moscow this week. [NYT/NB]