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Eric Ripert Hangs Loose; Martha Hops On the Stripper Pole

In this edition of The Five Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, a tipsy Eric Ripert talks about the Caymans Cookout, Martha Stewart takes a lesson in pole-dancing, we get a peek inside the world's biggest Chinese restaurant, and much, much, more.

1) Eric Ripert Talks About The Caymans Cookout: This video shot by the Miami New Times shows a very relaxed -- dare we say tipsy? -- Eric Ripert talking about this past weekend's event in the Cayman Islands, and his restaurants at the Ritz Carlton there. When asked how many times he's been to the Caymans, Eric thinks hard, then replies, "20?.something times?" You've never seen The Ripper this loose:

2) Martha Stewart Pole Dancing: Yesterday's Martha Stewart Show was about fitness, so naturally, Martha had on a pole-dancing-as-exercise instructor to show her a few steps. Always the perfect hostess, Martha conceding to hopping on the pole for a spin:

3) Dave Letterman Interviews UN World Food Program Spokesperson: On last night's Late Show, Dave talked to Bettina Luescher, the spokesperson for the United Nations World Food Program, about how the organization is responding to the disaster in Haiti, and how people can get involved:

4) Trailer for The Biggest Chinese Restaurant in the World: Just as the title implies, this film is about West Lake Restaurant in South China, the biggest Chinese restaurant in the world. West Lake employs 1000 people each day and seats up to 5000 customers. If you happen to be in New York tonight, the IFC center is screening the film, the film's editor will be on hand for a Q&A:

5) German Guy Makes A Chocolate Record: A German record geek, who is also a huge food nerd, decided to put his two passions together by creating an edible chocolate record. Once the melting and pressing of the chocolate is complete, it plays a little marching ditty [via SeriousEats]:

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