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Emeril Confirms New Talk Show on ION Network (...Bam?)

In a time when the TV airwaves are flooded with a constant stream of new chef-driven cooking shows, what's on old timer like Emeril Lagasse got to do to keep up? How about ditching food TV entirely, and starting his own chat show. A few months ago, Emeril teased that he was circling plans to start a weekly primetime show on a "major network" and today, Team Lagasse announced that ION Television has picked up the program, appropriately titled The Emeril Lagasse Show.

ION is not exactly what one might call a major network; it's a syndicated channel that's the current home to reruns of Mr. Belvedere and Touched By An Angel. This will be their first original non-scripted show. But, a network is a network, and according to the announcement, Emeril will finally get to interview celebrity guests, musicians and entertainers in front of a live studio audience. The hour-long program is slated to air once a week, Sundays at 8PM, starting March 28th.

Now, Emeril Lagasse is no stranger to non-food related television. He did, after all, have a short-lived sitcom on NBC back in 2001. While early signs indicate that The Emeril Lagasse Show will be pretty light on the pure food content, the show will be produced by his crew from Emeril Live!. Also, it will "capture Emeril's passion for people, entertainment, music, food and celebration." So there's that too.

In the meantime, Emeril is still hosting Emeril Green on Discovery's Planet Green and he also has a twice-a-week, call-in radio show on Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius called "Cooking with Emeril." Now that he's under Martha's thumb, Emeril is the busiest man in show biz and branding.
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