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Herve This on Futuristic Food, Eggs Denied in Cocktails

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THE FUTURE—Food chemistry pioneer Herve This explains—errr, "explains"—his vision for the future of food: "I have proposed a new method called note-by-note cooking, which is like playing the piano - assembling dishes note by note, using compounds like sucrose, salt, ethanol, tartaric acid ... The political idea behind it is that if we want to get a better environment we have to help the farmers to behave more correctly, and in order to do that they have to get richer by adding value. So instead of growing and selling carrots, they need to create compounds from them." [New Scientist]

COCKTAIL SCENE—A DOH inspector paid a visit to Pegu Club and had a problem with the raw eggs used in their Earl Grey MarTEAni. According to owner Audrey Saunders, the inspector told them, "even with the warning we have printed on our menu about raw eggs, using raw eggs is a violation ... and that we have to switch to pasteurized eggs in our cocktails." This could be a scary precedent for bartenders and cocktail lovers that like a good egg white froth atop their beverage. [Food Writer's Diary via Eater NY]

LOS ANGELES—Speaking of banned items, the city of LA unanimously approved a ban on smoking in outdoor cafes, food courts and within 40 feet of the city’s myriad food trucks. [LAT]