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Mikey Volt Makes Microwave Bread; Marcus S. Goes Hawaiian

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In this edition of The Five Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Michael Voltaggio makes bread in the microwave, Marcus Samuelsson demos a quick recipe for a unique Hawaiian appetizer, Tom Colicchio flexes his pasta making skills on the Today Show, and much, much more.

1) Michael Voltaggio Makes Microwave Bread: In the newest Voltaggio Brothers Video, Michael makes a quick brioche bread using a blender, cartridges of Co2, and a microwave. It’s some serious Jimmy Neutron stuff, but apparently, Michael uses this bread in a foie gras appetizer at his restaurant, so there is some justification for the kooky demo. Two questions still remain, though: Where the hell is Bryan? And: Why do the Voltaggio Bros always look into the wrong television camera in these videos?

2) Hunger In America Trailer: Documentary filmmaker Lori Silverbush is 20 percent of the way through filming her feature, Hunger in America, which explores why so many Americans go hungry each day. Hopefully the finished product will heighten awareness for this issue in the same way that other recent food docs like Food Inc, and King Corn were able to for their subjects. The film is co-produced by Mario Batali, and Silverbush's husband, Tom Colicchio. Silverbush has released a preview trailer for what the work that has been completed thus far:

2) The Swedish Wonder Makes A Hawaiian Appetizer on Morning TV: Marcus Samuelsson stopped by a local Chicago morning show this morning to demo a recipe for Poke, a Hawaiian raw fish dish, from his book, The New American Table. Marcus is a real pro when it comes to televised cooking segments -- he really sells the dish as the thing that you should make to impress your friends at your next dinner party:

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4) Tom Colicchio Makes Complicated Pasta, Spars With Matt Lauer on the Today Show: Just hours after opening his newest restaurant, Colicchio & Sons, Tommy C stopped by the Today Show to make some stuffed pasta, looking like he literally just rolled out of bed. While the food looks good (and really hard to make) the most notable part of this clip is how he bosses the morning show hosts around the Today Show kitchen. What’s his deal with Matt Lauer? Did the morning show host steal his date for prom, like 20 years ago, or something?:

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5. Chipotle is Insatiable Video: Here’s a viral food video that’s stupid, and funny, but basically just stupid (but also kind of funny). The set up: a guy lived off of Chipotle burritos for two years, then stopped eating them, and is once again reunited with the Mexican delicacy after two weeks apart. It’s set to a slow jam, and filmed in highly cinematic black and white:

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