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Grant Achatz

GrantAchatz1.jpg The Daily blender sent a reporter to cover this past weekend's 2010 Cayman Cookout, an Eric Ripert-hosted food fest that featured pretty much every big food celeb in the world, hanging out, cooking, drinking, and enjoying the tropical sunshine. During a Q & A with Alinea's Grant Achatz, the chef described a new entree presentation, inspired by learning to cook without his sense of taste, which he lost in his bout with throat cancer: “We have courses where we utilize ’scent pillows’, capturing smells within a plastic bag. Then we pop holes into the bag with a syringe, and slide it into specially designed pillowcases. When the dish is presented at the table, its placed on the pillow, and the scents billow up around the plate, enhancing the course.”[DB]