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Who's Ready For Man V. Food's Super Bowl Spectacular?

With Super Bowl Sunday rapidly approaching, details are trickling out about Man V. Food's Miami Spectacular, a two-hour televised event that promises to be the biggest and grossest of the show's history of big and gross. The Travel Channel has been pushing the premiere pretty hard, and for good reason -- the episode will not only feature a special hour-long episode devoted to the competitive eating scene in Miami (??), but it will also feature a live, on-stage eating challenge by Adam Richman himself. The live element is a first for the program, and meant to connect with the scads of competitive eating nuts that adore the show. Really, it's enough needless and irresponsible overindulgence to make you keep up the New Year's resolutions for another few weeks.

The announcement:

Looking for fans to be part of the LIVE AUDIENCE to cheer on Adam Richman as he host 2 hours of local food rivalries, a tailgate party and sun-soaked Miami excitement. Will Adam overcome the mammoth 48-oz. Steak Challenge? See if he can bring it home strong on Wednesday, February 3.. Bring your friends to hang out, eat and cheer on Adam during the show!

Curiously, a photo is a necessary part of the application process for attending the taping, and it is not an open call, but an invite via-email only situation. In another attempt to drum up excitement for the premiere, the Travel Channel has posted a complete photo gallery of the pre-taped segment of the show, with an itinerary of Adam Richman's food fest through the city. Here's what we can expect:

1) A Trip To Shula's Steakhouse Where Adam meets the 48-oz steak he will later consume on stage.
2) A Jumbo Crab Claw Dinner at Joe's Stone Crab.
3) An afternoon in Little Havana, where Richman visits Sarussi's, and attempts to mount their 2.5 pound Cubano sandwich.
4) A stop over at La Moon, a Colombian restaurant where Adam wolfs down a footlong hot dog wrapped in five different kinds of sausage, potato strips, and sauces, topped with a quail egg.

And then, of course, the Super Bowl tailgate party where Adam eats the steak to the whoops and hollers of his adoring public. As exciting as this must be for fans of the show, this can't be helping Adam Richman's efforts to inspire healthy eating habits in his viewers.
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[Photo credit: The Travel Channel ]