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Last Night's Episode of No Reservations: Just The One-Liners

The Istanbul episode of No Reservations was a great improvement on last week's coke-heavy Panamanian adventure, with a lot of cool food bits scattered throughout, and some nice shots of the city. While it was fun to see Bourdain eat a recreation of an ancient sultan's feast, talk street meat with the Four Seasons' executive chef, and shamelessly plug the show's sponsor, Chase Sapphire, the best part was, of course, all of the signature Tony B one-liners. On to the Quotable Bourdain from last night's episode:

1) On Turkish Yogurt: "Having a really good yogurt experience is really like me saying, I’ve had a really good Tori Amos experience."

2) On describing a kebab: "I’m dialing back on the adjectives on this show. It doesn’t really help you when you say it’s nutty with some mineral notes."

3) On eating a Turkish hamburger: "Looks like a soggy donut. Or like Joe Francis after a week in prison."

4) On biriyani cooking: "You’d think even Sandra lee could do this. If the animal came in a can."

5)On eating a doner kebab: "A good sandwich should be like good sex: sloppy."

6) On learning of a sultan's circumcision feast: "“I’m experiencing shrinkage just thinking about it”

7) On eating mussels from a vendor on the street: "Nothing I like better than unlicensed seafood of indeterminable providence provenance."
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[Photo credit: The Travel Channel ]