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Cameron Parties at Craft LA, Portland Happenings, More!

LOS ANGELES—Where did James Cameron go to celebrate his Golden Globe triumphs? Why, Craft LA: "When he finally sat down to eat, he grabbed a piece of steak with his bare hands, pausing only to watch a clip of his acceptance speech playing on a TV behind him." Score one for Tom Colicchio. [LAT]

THE OC—Speaking of that area, a Southern California town is considering outlawing beer pong. Oh the humanity: "The beer pong ban is included in a list of regulations for downtown Huntington Beach and the city's latest effort to clean up the nightclub atmosphere and improve the image of downtown." [OCR]

PORTLAND—The trio of guys from San Francisco's Town Hall, Salt House and Anchor & Hope—brothers Mitch and Steven Rosenthal and Doug Washington—are going to open a restaurant in Oregon tentatively called Crave Tavern. Says Washington: "We've been courted by Vegas and places like that. But we wanted to go where we like ... and that's Portland." [Oregonian]