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Bartolotta Cooks Live Fish With Kimmel; Del Taco Goes Viral

In this edition of The Five Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Paul Bartolotta Cooks Live Fish With Jimmy Kimmel, Del Taco goes Viral, a trailer for a new Food Movie of the Damned, and much, much, more.

1) Paul Bartolotta Cooks Live Fish With Jimmy Kimmel: Italian fish guru Paul Bartolotta stopped by Kimmel last Friday to cook up some live crustaceans with the host. Bartolotta is a pretty jovial guy and has good chemistry with Jimmy as they deal with some live lobsters, share a bottle of wine, and talk about the marine biologist in charge of caring for the fish at his Vegas restaurant, Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare:

2) Del Taco Goes Viral with The Del Taco Super Special Show: Fast food chains are doing anything they can to catch the eye of the YouTube generation these days. Del Taco’s attempt is The Del Taco Super Show, a sketch-style video series that they’ve just kicked off. At the start of this first installment, below, a hip Del Taco employee jumps out from behind the line, dons a jacket and introduces a slew of totally random stream of taco related viral comedy: exploding tacos, sexy ladies beating a taco piñata, a stoned puppet trying to bogart a taco from his ventriloquist, etc. It has to be seen to be believed, and then never watched again:

3) Food Movies of the Damned: Chef’s Special: Chef’s Special is a Spanish comedy about an openly gay chef, striving for a Michelin star, whose life gets turned upside down when his two kids from a failed marriage reappear in his life, and a young, sexy soccer player moves in next door. Enjoy:

4) Telepan Makes a Patty Melt: Bill Telepan, chef/owner of NYC’s Telepan, stopped by the Today Show this morning to show Hoda and Amy Roebuck how to make a killer patty melt. This is truly the sandwich for our times: a thick patty of organic ground beef wedged inside of a heavily-buttered grilled cheese sandwich:

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5) Jamie Oliver Talks About America, Chili: In this interview for an Australian Television show – which just hit the web-- Jamie Oliver dishes on the trip across America documented on his UK show Jamie’s American Road Trip. Amongst other things, Jamie reveals that his love of American style chili is so strong that he must eat it every single day:

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