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New Show Follows Renowned Chef Trying to Quit Smoking

Speaking of England, the British seem to have a fascination with celeb chefs that even the most fervent collection of American Food Network fans can't rival. How else could you explain a culture that allows Gordon Ramsay to have so many television programs, or Jamie Oliver to open so many different restaurants? It only makes sense then that for a new reality program about British celebs quitting smoking, Celebrity Quitters, the creators of the show would enlist at least one chef. Their pick? Devon-based Michelin star-rated chef -- and long-time nicotine addict -- John Burton Race.

For a lot of chefs, the combination of a high-stress job and a natural oral fixation can easily lead to a life-long smoking habit. And while most smokers would hate to have a team of cameras follow them around during the ugly, short-fused days of quitting cold turkey, thankfully Race is no stranger to stressfull situations or reality television. He has not only appeared on several reality cooking competition shows in the UK, but also spent a stint in the jungle on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, where he once famously prepared kangaroo meat for fellow contestant Janice Dickinson.

Race will have 10 days to quit smoking, cold turkey, while using the other contestants and a medical team as a support staff, while the cameras role. Says Race of his decision to take part in the show:

"When you have children and dependents and when your chest hurts when you walk up a very steep hill or ride a horse furiously across a field and you can't breathe, it is a tell tale sign that something has to be done."
Another decision to take part in the show and quit? Money. Specifically, the kind he will save by quitting smoking:
"At the moment, personally, I am not loaded, to put it mildly. It has been two years since we have had a family holiday and I want to go away for a week."
While it's sad to think that a decorated celebrity chef with several restaurants to his name can't afford both a smoking habit and a week long vacation for his family, it's always god to hear someone making healthy choices in their life.
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