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Complete List of Food Movies That Have Won Golden Globes

One of the highlights of last night's Golden Globe Awards ceremony was Meryl Streep's Best Actress win for her portrayal of Julie Child in Julie & Julia. Of course, the win is a big deal for Streep, but it's also a huge deal for food folks, who have had to endure many, many, many bad movies about chefs and restaurants in the past. While this may be the first time an actor has received a Golden Globe for portraying a real-life chef on screen, remarkably, it's not the first time that a food film has won a Golden Globe. To put Meryl's win in context, here's a list of the other movies about food and restaurants that have taken home statuettes, in chronological order:

1970: Karen Black wins Best Supporting Actress for playing a waitress in Five Easy Pieces
1987: Cher wins Best Actress for playing a woman in love with a baker in Moonstruck. Olympia Dukakis wins Best Supporting Actress for playing her mother.
1990: Green Card, a film about a waiter, wins Best Picture Comedy, Gerard Depardieu wins Best Actor for playing the waiter.
1995 A Walk In The Clouds, set in a Northern Californian winery, wins Best Original Score
1997: Peter Fonda wins Best Actor for playing an artisanal honey farmer in Ulee's Gold
2004 Sideways wins Best Motion Picture Comedy, and Best Screenplay
2008 Ratatouille wins Best Animated Feature
2010: Meryl Streep wins Best Actress for Playing Julia Child in Julie & Julia

So, by our count, including Meryl's win last night, that's a grand total of 10 awards for food and dining on screen. While that's not a lot, come this time next year, we might see a few other big food movies winning awards -- Toby McGuire's portrayal of Grant Achatz is a go, and David Fincher still wants to make chef movie with Keanu Reeves, so you never know.
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