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Jon Stewart Mocks Food Trends, Jamie Oliver Jams

In this edition of The 5 Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Jon Stewart pokes fun at food trend predictors like Bon Ap's Andrew Knowlton, Ferran Adria showcases some El Bulli tableware, Alain Ducasse gives a tour of his Hong Kong eatery, and much, much, more.

1) Knowlton on The Daily Show: Bon Appetit frontman Andrew Knowlton made a cameo on Wednesday night's episode of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and he is very happy about it.

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2) Eat Like You're At El Bulli: Ferran Adria continues to make moves selling his sculpture/tableware; take a look at the promo video for his Anemone concept.

3) Jamie Oliver Jams With a Street Musician: Jamie Oliver seems like a pretty busy guy, so it’s nice to see that he can still find time to cut loose. In the video below, Oliver joins a local London busker in a rousing rendition of “Mr. Brightside”. Jamie’s the one banging on the pot with a wooden spoon:

4) A Tour of The Wright Museum, Inside The Guggenheim: A Few weeks ago, The Wright opened inside Manhattan’s Guggenheim Museum of art. While the kitchen has its fair share of credentials, the real stunner is the futuristic dining room. NYC-based lifestyle show LXTV gives us a tour:

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5) Alain Ducasse Gives a Tour of His Restaurant in Hong Kong: In honor of French Master Alain Ducasse earning his 19th Michelin Star today, here is a recent interview with the chef about one of his many satellite restaurants, Spoon in Hong Kong. If you’ve ever wondered how guys like Ducasse and Robuchon open so many acclaimed restaurants all around the world, if this clip is any indication, attention to detail is key: