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Todd English Is Very Sorry, CPK Expands to Middle East

RUNAWAY GROOM—Breaking his silence on the matter, Todd English is very sorry that he had to press assault charges against his almost-wife: "English says he regrets that his relationship with his ex-fiancee spiraled into an assault charge and that he was 'sorry that this unfortunate matter had to be addressed through the courts.'" [USA Today]

NEW YORKTop Chef Vegas contestant Eli Kirshtein follows in the footsteps of fellow contestant Hung Huynh and starts his guest chef stint at kosher restaurant Solo this Sunday night. [EaterWire]

CHAINS—Gourmet pizza chain California Pizza Kitchen already has 251 restaurants across the globe, and now the Middle East is going to get its share too: CPK will open 19 new restaurants in Persian Gulf countries like United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. [R&I]

[Photo: Flickr]