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Michael Mina Does CityCenter; Dumb Weight-Loss Gadgets

In this edition of The 5 Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Michael Mina talks about the concept of his new CityCenter restaurant, Adam Richman gears up for Super Bowl Sunday, Martha and Matt Lauer make T.V. magic happen, and much, much more.

1) Michael Mina talks About The Design of American Fish: A few days ago, we saw Michael Mina give an impromptu tour of the kitchen of American Fish, his new restaurant in the Aria at City Center. In this new clip below, Mina expands on his goal with the design elements of the restaurant, the challenges of creating a “timeless” dining room, and how Vegas can be a creatively liberating place for chefs to work:

2) Commercial For Ridiculous New Weight Loss Gadget: The Mandometer is a British device that’s supposed to help you stay on your diet by telling you when to stop eating. For a device that’s just hitting the market, it seems to employ some very low-fi technology and looks remarkably similar to your kid sister’s old Gameboy:

3) Preview of Man V. Food’s Live Superbowl Spectactular: We’ve heard a lot about Man V. Food’s Superbowl-themed live eating challenge, where Adam Richman will take on a 42 oz. steak from Miami’s Shula's Steakhouse. Here's the first filmed evidence of the event, which is sure to be the gridiron gross-out of the year. With these kind of antics, Adam Richman is fast becoming the Scrappy to Guy Fieri's Scooby Doo:

4) Teaser for the New Episode of Worst Cooks in America: This preview for next week’s episode of Worst Cooks in America – which just hit the web – make the upcoming episode look a lot more action-packed than last week’s. The stakes are higher. The heat is hotter. Anne’s hair is taller:

5) Martha Makes Chicken Paillard on the Today Show this Morning: Matt Lauer is the king of morning television, and Martha Stewart, the Queen of the morning television cooking segment. While they could both do a chicken paillard demo in their collective sleep, they still make the segment fun, the receipe seem easy, and the food look great. From this morning's show:

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Bonus Video: We’re going to get to know Aussie chef Curtis Stone a lot better this winter, when he appears in the new season of The Apprentice. In this interview with a few of his fellow Apprentice stars, Curtis, charming as ever, talks about what it was like working with The Donald, and what we can expect from the new season of the show: