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Guy Fieri's NBC Show: More Insane Than Originally Thought

After the initial announcement last month, a veritable deluge of details have been released today for Guy Fieri's upcoming gameshow, Minute To Win It. Earlier today, Grub Street mentioned that the hour-program will debut on March 14 at 8PM, but now there's oh. so. much. more. Namely, the challenges involved in said gameshow—there are 10 of escalating difficulty, with the possibility to win $1 million—are absolutely amazing. Not the best month for NBC. Buckle up, because here are some of the challenges:

BOBBLE HEAD - A pedometer is attached to the head and contestant must move their head to rack up a total 150 “steps” to complete the game.

PUNCH YOUR LIGHTS OUT - Contestant must throw beanbags one-at-a-time to hit battery operated “moon lights” hanging on a wall 10 feet away. There are 9 lights and all are lit at the start. The objective is to get all 9 lights off.

MEGA BUBBLE - Contestant must blow a bubble from a bubble wand and then blow it in the air 15 feet and through a hoop.

MOUTH TO MOUTH - Contestant must pull a dollar bill from between two bottles balanced mouth-to-mouth on top of each other. The bottles must remain balanced after the dollar is pulled. The contestant must successfully make 1 out of 5 attempts.

Set your TiVos and ready the popcorn. Because this is must-see TV.
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