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Food Folks on the Nifty 50, Gail on Padma, More!

AWARDS—The NYT Mag's "Nifty 50" list is slowly dripping out online, but two food-related folks have surfaced this week. New inclusions in the group of "America’s up-and-coming talent" are Chicago star chef Paul Kahan and Bay Area food consultant Anya Fernald. [NYT]

CHICAGO—Since it's always fun to look ahead at tomorrow's hot restaurants, BizBash names Chicago's 10 Most Anticipated New Venues, including Stephanie Izard's Girl and the Goat, Sable Kitchen and Bar, the Marriot, and the first Chitown branch of Beauty Bar. [BB]

TOP CHEFFAGE—New Top Chef: Just Desserts hostess Gail Simmons on speculation that Padma might take a season off from Top Chef for maternity leave: "They are not true -- we are specifically delaying the next season of Top Chef so she can take time off and be back for season seven. We're very excited to have the baby on set with us!" [Slashfood]
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