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Meet The American Idol Contestant For Food Network Fans

On last night's premiere of American Idol, the judges gave the thumbs up to Amadeo Dirrico, a barrel-chested, Italian American bartender from Providence, RI. Before Amadeo's audition, the show ran a little bio clip that showed Amadeo with his big Italian family making a pasta feast, featuring the contestant chopping artisanal charcuterie, serving up fresh mozzarella, and talking about the virtues of his homemade wine. Yes, it seems that American Idol is trying to portray Amadeo as the cheftestant that can carry a tune. After his rousing rendition of "Hoochie Coochie Man," Amadeo said he'd love to invite everyone over for dinner with his mother, to which Kara remarked "I bet she makes a mean sauce!" Amadeo seems like Emeril and Rocco rolled into one.