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Samuelsson's Fun Home, Jennifer Connelly's Nightmares

In this edition of The 5 Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Marcus Samuelsson shows off his eclectic Manhattan apartment, Jennifer Connelly describes a kitchen nightmare on Letterman, Julian Serrano talks about his new Vegas spot, and much, much more.

1) Jennifer Connelly Shares Her Kitchen Nightmare With Letterman: While many men would jump at the chance to spend a chilly winter’s eve in the kitchen of a log cabin with Jennifer Connelly, it turns out the reality is actually pretty unappealing. The Oscar winning actress stopped by Letterman last week to share this story of a holiday dinner gone awry:

2) Tony Bourdain Makes Friends With a Cabbie in Istanbul: In the new trailer for this Sunday’s episode of No Reservations -- which just hit the web -- Anthony Bourdain takes a spin through Istanbul with an incredibly knowledgeable cabbie. Tony’s new friend not only offers him a quick history lesson in the city, but also some tips on what to buy at the green market:

3 Marcus Samuelsson Makes a Simple Ceviche: With ceviche all the rage these days, why not let star chef Marcus Sameulsson show you how to make a simple, inspired version of the dish? This clip, from syndicated cooking show, Behind the Burner, was filmed in Samuelsson’s cool Manhattan apartment:

4) Julian Serrano Talks CityCenter: Last week, the Food Channel sat down with Spanish food king Julian Serrano to chat about his eponymous tapas restaurant in the new Aria at CityCenter in Vegas. Serrano clearly seems enthused about his newest restaurant and assured that even in this economy, tapas are a great idea for diners:

5) Donatella Arpaia Makes Three Fast Pasta Dishes On the Today Show: Donatella Arpaia, chef/owner of NYC’s acclaimed Italian spot, Mia Donna, stopped by the Today Show yesterday to school Matt, Merideth and Anne in the ways of the ever-versatile cavatelli pasta. Arpaia’s recipes are insanely simple – she literally prepares three different dishes in about three minutes:

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