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9 Items of Note From Last Night's Episode of No Reservations

Last night’s premier of No Reservations Season 6 saw Tony Bourdain eating his way through the good and bad parts of Panama. It was a pretty crazy episode, even by Bourdain standards -- a long the way, he visited Manuel Noriega’s house, torched six tons of coke, and ate a lot of weird looking seafood out of styrofoam cups. Onto the items of note:

1) Ceviche is Bourdain’s hangover cure of choice.
2) Best line of the night: "Chinese food tends to get shinier the farther west it goes."
3) You could tell Bourdain was slightly disappointed by how nice Manuel Noriega’s house was.
4) Tony had many, many good zingers while torching the cocaine, including “it looks like Keith Richard's bed spread back in the 70's."

5) Tony ate A LOT of crazy fish last night, but the best looking was clearly the grilled lobsters and octopuses at the Congo Restaurant and Resort.
6) Bourdain really, really enjoyed making Apocalypse Now references while sailing up the river.
7) Best rainforest moment: when Tony stumbled upon two guys in loincloths making a canoe out of a tree trunk.
8) Worst rainforest moment: The butchering of the pig for the village feast.
9) The episode ended on a high note: Bourdain, drinking beer in the rainforest, watching tribal dancers.

Bonus Video: If you missed the now infamous clip of Tony and the Head of the Office of National Security of Panama getting down to business with $600 million dollars of pure cocaine, here it is: