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Expansion Cost Gordon Ramsay Nearly Seven Million Dollars

Across the pond, new reports reveal just how much Gordon Ramsay bled during the last few years of his well-documented financial woes. The fresh batch of carnage numbers come in the wake of the big Bloomberg expose last month that spelled out just how close the Gordo Empire came to bankruptcy. Now, it turns out that the business division he set up for his world domination purposes—Gordon Ramsay Holdings International—took a massive hit after expanding too quickly and lost a grand total of £4.3m, which equals roughly $6.99 million.

Perhaps most ironic is the fact that the restaurant that caused the most trouble for Gordo was his attempt to win over British rival France with his first restaurant there, just outside of Paris. Ramsay's first French restaurant opened in January 2008 and soon thereafter, weathered "tough European trading,” “extensive start-up costs” and “staff liabilities.” Yada yada yada, and eight months later, he's lost $2.87 million there. The way that hubris led to a downfall is really just like a Greek tragedy, no?
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