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Eater's Most Essential Restaurants: January 2010

2005_10_eater38logo.jpgNow that the calendar has turned to a new year, it's time to update the 38 most essential restaurants in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles—or as we've dubbed the list in each of those cities, the Eater 38. Even more exciting this time around are the earth-shattering debuts of brand new Eater 38 maps in Miami and Portland! To quickly recap the purpose here, the Eater 38 is the answer to the age-old question that begins "Can you recommend a restaurant?" Each edition of the Eater 38 is a city-specific list spanning myriad cuisines and, collectively, satisfying all restaurant needs, except for maybe those occasions where an entire paycheck must be blown. And especially at this time of year, all those folks heading down to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival next month might want to pay special attention to the Miami edition.

While PDX and Miami have the aforementioned inaugural editions of the 38, notable new additions elsewhere in the Eatersphere include a LA's Drago Centro, SF's Coco500 and trio of heavyweights in New York with Prune, Marea, and Aldea. The full restaurant additions and subtractions can be viewed with the complete lists:

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As always, your thoughts on the individual city lists are very much encouraged.