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Padma Does Masterpiece Theater; Gordo Goes to India

In this edition of The 5 Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Padma Lakshmi plays a temptress in a PBS period piece, Gordon Ramsay dishes on his new show about India, another great fast food freakout is caught on tape, and much, much more.

1) Padma Does Masterpiece Theater: Before making it big on Top Chef, Padma Lakshmi had some pretty embarrassing supporting roles on film and television. First there was her stint on Star Trek: The Next Generation, then the super-flop Glitter, and after that, there was her role in 2006's Sharpe’s Challenge, a made for TV movie made as a part of PBS’ “Masterpiece Classics” series. In the trailer below (which just hit the YouTubes today), Padma plays the love interest of some dude in a frilly shirt:

2) Gordo Talks About His Time In India: One of the many, many shows that Gordon Ramsay has in England is Gordon’s Great Escape, a sort of No Reservations-style culinary travel series. For the new series, Gordo went to India to immerse himself in their cuisine. Lord knows the man could use a vacation. In the clip below he talks about his experiences there:

3) British Fast Food Freak Out: What is it with fast food freakouts these days? The video below, taken at a Burger King in England, shows an enraged customer trying to break the window of the restaurant with a chair, then slipping and falling on his arse: [via Seriouseats]

4) Sirio Maccioni Talks About His New Restaurant at CityCenter: In this clip below, restaurant legend Sirio Maccioni talks about his plans for his recently opened Sirio Ristorante in the Aria at CityCenter. His son pipes in with some well placed words about the new venture, but the great part is hearing the 77-year-old restauranteur talk about the place in his own words: "My passion is to do better than the others:"

5) Grant Achatz Shows Off a New Dining Contraption: Alinea super-chef Grant Achatz just introduced a new service piece into dinner at his restaurant –- some sort of 3-D bowl thing that diners have to assemble themselves before they can eat. It’s pretty weird, and pretty cool. Wait past the 45 seconds of narration to see some video on the device’s creation::