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Sushi Chef Accidentally Arrested, CityCenter Design Talk

LOS ANGELES—A Beverly Hills sushi chef was arrested, but it all turned out to be a case of mistaken identity: "Mr. Kiyokawa had been vacationing in Las Vegas when his car's license plates were stolen. Shortly thereafter, armed gunmen driving a car (the same model and year as Kiyokawa's car) with Kiyokawa's plates robbed three fast food restaurants, including a Jack in the Box." Poor guy spent three days in jail. And also, there's a joke about The Hangover somewhere in here. [LAW]

LAS VEGAS—In a Q&A session, designer David Rockwell discusses CityCenter and what makes Vegas designs different from the rest: "Las Vegas often doesn't acknowledge what time of day it is or what season it is; it's hermetic ... inside CityCenter elevated everyone's game. You're dealing with a lot of egos and a lot of energy, but [MGM Mirage] successfully corralled that into an amazing collection of buildings and spaces." [LVBP]

CHAINS—In what might prove to be a slow evolution into Starbucks, Jamba Juice announced that it will start serving hot drinks in March. New items will include blended chai lattes, whole-leaf tea and the unfortunately-named smoothie Chill-icious Chai. [NRN]