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Nine Items of Note From Last Night's Worst Cooks

On last night's episode of Worst Cooks In America, the hopeless bunch of cheftestants got schooled by Anne Burrell and Beau "Do You Like Apples?" MacMillan on many important "serious chef" things: how tease the secret flavors out of a razz-blueberry, what "chiffonade" means, and how to cook on a 800-degree Benihana-style grill (sadly no one made the restaurant's signature steaming onion volcano). The gang also got some tips on chef hygiene and dressing to impress in the kitchen, as well as life lesson far more valuable than the promised 25,000 cash prize at the end of the show. On to the items of note:

1) Cheftestant Susie somehow managed to set an electric range on fire.
2) The mysteries behind Anne's coif were revealed, when she instructed Jennifer to always "wear your hair up! Up! Up!"
3) The term "Mise en place" was used, and misused more time than anyone could count. Best misuse: when Marque remarked of a sloppy dish, "My Mise en place is a misen' mess!" Zing.

4) While practicing their knife skills, Anne snuck up behind the contestants and marked misplaced fingers with a large sharpie.
5) Apparently a little blood is no big deal to Burrell - even though Cheftestant Rebecca begged the host not to eat her entree after she cut her finger during its prep, Anne dug in anyway.
6) Best reveal of the night: Anne always, always wears a skirt while cooking.
7) Best word of wisdom from Anne: "Actors rehearse lines, chef rehearse recipes!"
8) Marque won the entree challenge, because according to Beau, his was "the closest to something I would like to eat at a restaurant".
9) Dave, the beer salesmen who got the axe last night, claimed early in the show that he just wanted to learn to cook his wife dinner. After completely failing every challenge, on the way out he said his plans were -- surprise -- to go home and cook his wife dinner.

Bonus Video: Anne and Beau demonstrate "chiffonade":