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Seattle Eatery's Gourmet Tribute, Rising Stars in LA, More!

SEATTLE—To pay homage to Gourmet (RIP), Rover’s Restaurant, pictured, is putting together a menu tribute in which chef/owner Thierry Rautureau shall dedicate a five-course bistro menu to the recipes of ill-fated magazine. The PR color: "For all the former Gourmet magazine subscribers out there, this is one last way to say goodbye." [EaterWire]

LOS ANGELES—The somewhat controversial StarChefs has named its Rising Stars for SoCal. The full list is over at Eater LA and includes chefs whose stars have risen quite high already like like Michael Voltaggio, Roy Choi, the Animal guys and Walter Manzke. [~ELA~]

TOP CHEFFAGE— Some Top Chef takeaways from a panel discussion this weekend: Tom likes gin and tonics, the judging often takes five hours (more if it's the finale), the judges are all very proud of Harold, and they loved Kevin from the recent season. [GS]