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Guns Now Legal in AZ Bars; What Could Possibly Go Awry?

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Arizona: Today, the state of Arizona passed a law that makes it legal for patrons to bring guns—guns that are used for shooting—into bars. Why anyone would require a gun in a bar remains to be seen (Is the king of England going to encroach on rights?), but those carrying arms, even concealed ones, are technically not supposed be served alcohol, which seems rather difficult to enforce. Also, bars do have the option of posting a state-approved sign banning firearms; think of it like a smoking or non-smoking section, but shooting or non-shooting. Suffice to say, the state has run out of said state-approved signs, all 1300 of them.

One Arizona bar says he doesn't even want his patrons to have sticks, while another explains why this is a bad idea, and for anyone remotely confused, also how things work: "Somebody can pull the trigger, then a bullet comes out, and people get hurt and killed." You got that, Arizona?
· Guns allowed in Arizona bars starting Wednesday [AP]