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Alice Waters' Biographer Is Sensitive, Dislikes Idiots

Thomas McNamee is best known for penning the delightful Alice Waters biography with the long name: Alice Waters and Chez Panisse: The Romantic, Impractical, Often Eccentric, Ultimately Brilliant Making of a Food Revolution. But even though he might like a quaint, affable fellow, T-Mac does not take kindly to criticism, because after reading the Gurgling Cod's review of his book, it seems that McNamee has some angry, non-happy-go-locavore words to get off his chest. From his comment rant:

You are a fucking idiot ... You might just check out about fifty other reviews that managed to understand that my book is very very far from a hagiography ...
Let me say it again in case you didn't get it the first time, since you apparently have a hard time understanding English, and I'll put it simply enough for you to understand: You are a fucking idiot.
The entire impractical and often eccentric screed can be perused in full over at Gurgling Cod, and it appears that it really is McNamee. So don't call him a hagiographer, for chrissakes. Because then he might leave immature, potty-mouthed comments.
· Alice Waters and Chez Panisse [Gurgling Cod]