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Print Stint: In This Month's Food Magazines

Food & Wine
Page Count: 146
Cover: Greek Chicken Salad (Grade: C+)
Highlights: Chefs’ Top Cheap Eats, A Tuscan Cooking Vacation with Marco Canora, The New American Homesteaders

Bon Appetit
Page Count: 130
Cover: Short Ribs (Grade: B)
Highlights: Top Ten New Asian Noodle Bars, The Bon Appétit Awards 2009 , America's Foodiest Small Town 2009, Feedback With Ricky Gervais

Page Count: 114
Cover: A Quince (Grade: C)
Highlights: My Day on a Plate: Blogger Luisa Weiss, A to Z Sweepstakes

Page Count: 108
Cover: Lamb Chops (Grade: A-)
Highlights: Eating in Los Angeles: A Chocolate Haven , Pinot Grigio That's Worth Buying

And just for the heck of it....

Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade
Page Count: 106
Cover: Pink Outfit (Grade: N/A)
Highlights: Halloween Tricks, Space-Saving Tips, "A tantalizing, nose-tickling mixture"