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Eater Paparazzi: Keller in LA, Batali Gets Tacos, More!

One of the hallmarks of a winning restaurant? Off-duty chefs love to eat there. With that maxim in mind, we bring you Eater Paparazzi, your guide to where America's best and brightest chefs are eating on a daily basis. Please do submit your sightings to the tipline.

2009_09_batalz.jpg1) Los Angeles: "I noticed Thomas Keller having lunch today at Bottega Louie with what appeared to be the designers and cooks from Bouchon...maybe he was scoping out the competition?" " [Eater LA]

2) San Francisco: "Nate [Appleman] was in line at Dotties True Blue Cafe this morning. He and the New Yorker he was with commented on how early SF's rise, saying that 'New Yorkers weren't even up yet' (10:30am). He also commented to a few passers by about his new restaurant ... They decided the line was too long and left which I found ironic considering SPQR was notorious for its long lines." [Eater Inbox]

3) Long Island: From the Long Island Press: "Celebrity chef Mario Batali grabbed some tacos at La Fondita (74 Montauk Hwy, Amagansett, on Tuesday afternoon." [LIP]