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D-Wade, Worst Celebrity Restaurateur Ever?

Earlier this summer, Dwyane Wade experienced the tremendous insta-collapse (or still-birth, if you will) of his would-be restaurant empire, with the first two unfortunately-named D. Wade's Sports Grills lasting only several months. Now, the NBA star is currently being sued to the tune of a cool $150 million by two groups of investors for illegally walking away from both his sports memorabilia restaurants and a charter school operation for inner-city kids. (Sidenote: Walking away from a failed restaurant shitshow is one thing, but an inner-city charter schools? Lordy.)

Obviously, Wade is trying to settle the dicey lawsuits before the NBA season starts, or at the very least, negotiate a way to skip the court proceedings so he can travel on the road with the team. But the epic D-Wade trainwreck does bring up a discussion point: with countless restaurateur failures from Justin Timberlake (Southern Hospitality, Chi) to Britney Spears (Nyla), who is the worst celebrity restaurant owner ever? Discuss.
· Talks could settle lawsuits against Heat's Wade [AP]

D-Wade's Sports Grill

1451 N Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale, FL