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Food & Wine Unveils Its Picks For 2010 Trends

The January issue of Food & Wine is online, and with it, its trend projections for the new year, joining the ranks of NRN and Restaurants & Institutions in the 2010 forecasting. The list is dominated by food-centric predictions like artisanal breakfasts, improved frozen foods and the like, but more important for our purposes here are the two trends-to-be that are more slanted towards the restaurant world:

First, hot dogs will continue to be hot with Brooklyn's Bark Hot Dogs, Ohio's Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace and Austin's Frank all getting mention. Even more interesting might be the prediction that restaurants will do more takeout, citing SF's Fish & Farm (pictured) and NYC's Delicatessen as examples of high-profile restaurant that have sprouted takeout annexes in American Box and Macbar, respectively. Explanations and more details at F&W.
· 2010 Trend Report [F&W]