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Jennifer Aniston, Jamie Oliver Not Doing a Cookbook Series

Not only is (former) Friends star and (former) Brad Pitt lover Jennifer Aniston writing a cookbook, but she's doing it with British celeb chef Jamie Oliver. What's more, it's going to be an entire "range of cookbooks." Look out, Rachael Ray. Apparently, Aniston convinced Oliver to team up with her because she "prides herself on planning dinner parties for friends and has dozens of recipes she''s come up with on her own." What could possibly go wrong? Bonus: And—and!—another thing that supposedly validates Aniston's future role as a cookbook author and total foodie is that she spent $100,000 on remodeling her Beverly Hills kitchen.
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CRUCIAL UPDATE: Oops. Apparently, rumors of an Aniston-Oliver cookbook series have been debunked. So, no celeb cookbooks, for now. As you were.