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BBC's Food TV, Liebrandt's Alinea Feast, McDonald's Dust-Up

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CHICAGO—At a restaurant already known as one of the country's best, what happens when a VIP is in house? How much can be added to an already extravagant, three hour-long meal? Check out Grant Achatz's account of Paul Liebrandt's 37-course dinner at Alinea this weekend to find out. [Mosaic]

TELEVISION—So much food television programming lately. The latest: BBC America has green-lit the third season of Last Restaurant Standing, the show that features "nine hungry couples vying for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to open a restaurant" with famous chef/restaurateur Raymond Blanc. [EaterWire]

FLORIDAMcDonald's is in some trouble after a transgender teenager claims that a Florida location discriminated against her by refusing to even interview her for a job, and then left a really mean, slur-filled voicemail too. [AP]
[Photo: Flickr/Jing a Ling]

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