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A Moveable Tweet: The Year's Most Memorable Tweets

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2009 was the year that the restaurant industry discovered Twitter. Fortunately for all of us, it wasn't only Kogi that embraced the new technology, as many of the food world's most notable personalites also tried their hand at the Twitters, oftentimes in troubling—yet hilarious—ways. Here are just some of the best Twitter updates of the year from the food world's Twitterati. Feel free to share yours in the comments.

For a 74-year-old lady, Gael Greene overshared about her masturbation life much too much in 2009:

Rocco Dispirito led the way for Twitter inanity as he did his best impressions of a 12-year-old girl:
Tyler Florence told us how he really felt about Bruni:
Runner-up for the Ty-Flo update of the year was his angry response to having one of his forks stolen:
Sadly, accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, just ask Dana Cowin:
Moving cross-country can be tough, just ask Nate Appleman:
Martha Stewart reminded the world that she's not afraid of a little blood:
Grant Achatz took a trip to the Twilight Zone:
Ruth Reichl hit a bit of a rough patch, you'll remember:
Padma got preggers, with the jeans to match:
Fabio Viviani had a revelation:

Of course, Kelly Choi takes top honors for the year's most sublime food celeb Tweeter. For sheer volume and rhyming, her continued moments of brilliance could take up an entire post of their own, but here are just three of our faves:

Kelly Choi pondered life's deep questions:
She also persuaded everyone to stay with her on one fateful day:
And some words to take us into 2010:
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