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The Guy Fieri Roadshow, By the Numbers

2009 was a good year for Guy Fieri. In addition to topping the NYT Best-Seller List, and inking a deal for a prime time network game show, Guy also broke new ground in culinary entertainment with the Guy Fieri Roadshow, which recently wrapped up its 30-day tour of the county. Here are stats:

· Number of Shows: 22
· Number of Sold-Out Shows: 0
· Number of Shows in a Casino: 2
· Number of Miles Logged On The Road: 8,800
· Number of Sunglasses Guy Used on Tour: 85

· Number of Members in Guy's Entourage, the "Kulinary Krew": 6 (names: Kleetus, Panini Pete, Stretch, Dirty P., Woody, DJ Cobra)
· Number of Fans Who Took Pictures With Guy, That Were Then Posted On His Website: 1,716
· Average Show Running Time: 70 minutes
· Number of Fans Who Got Guy's Autograph Tattooed: One
· Gallons Of Margaritas Dispensed To Audience Each Night: 25
· Price of Knuckle Sandwich Kulinary Kween · Tank Top" sold as merch: $16
· Number of Branded Squirt Bottles Premium Ticket Holders Received: 2
· Lowest Ticket Price: $24.95
· Highest Ticket Price: $250

· All Guy Fieri Roadshow Coverage [-EN-]

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