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Bryan Voltaggio Talks Shop; Paula Deen Gets Awkward

In this edition of The 5 Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Bryan Voltaggio talks dishes about Top Chef Season 6, Paula Deen gets awkward with Bonnie Hunt, Guy Fieri has his "Almost Famous" moment, and much, much more.

1) Catching Up with Bryan Voltaggio: We still have a week or so to go until the Voltaggio bros throw a new video up on their website, so for now, this clip of Bryan talking to a local newspaper will have to do. Among other things, Bryan reveals that his restaurant, Volt, has seen a spike in business since Season 6, and that no matter what, he has no intentions of leaving his home town of Frederick for another restaurant:

2) Paula and Michael Stop by The Bonnie Hunt Show: While it's always amusing to watch Paula Deen make some rediculous dairy-heavy dessert, this clip of Paula and Husband Michael is worth checking out if only for the awkward energy the duo have with Bonnie Hunt. Somehow, as a viewer, you feel like the third wheel on a really bad date:

3) DJ Chef Cooks, Scratches: Say your planning a party, and want to have a chef giving a cooking demonstration and a DJ cranking out the jams, but you only have enough money to hire one or the other. Problem: solved. Just hire DJ Chef! As his name implies, he cooks and scratches records at the same time. He doesn't have a TV show yet, but if you go to his website (totally awesome by Geocities 1998 standards), you'll see he's looking for someone to produce a TV show for him. Also: interns. Here's a clip of the man in action on a local New York morning show:

4) Vintage Roll N Roaster Commercial: Roll N Roaster is a small fast food chain in the greater New York area, kind of like an Arby's. While the roast beef sandwiches are fine, the chain's biggest contribution to society is this commercial from the early 80's -- the quintessential cheesy, jingle-heavy ad that dated itself the minute it came on the airwaves. "Get Free Cheez With Anything You Please -- Just From Wiggling Your finger!":

5) Guy Fieri's "Almost Famous" Tour Bus Moment: If you didn't catch the Guy Fieri Road Show, this clip of Guy and his fellow Kulinary Gangstas Dirty and Kleetus rocking out on the tour bus to a song on a smart phone will give you an idea of what the Road Show was all about:

Bonus Video: Momofuku Bo Ssam Delivery: The Bo Ssam at David Chang's Momofuku Ssam Bar restaruant in Manhattan is the stuff of legend. While nothing quite compares to smakcing $200 on the table and ordering the dish, this video of Momofuku GM Cory Lane presenting it the table-side is pretty cool:

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