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New York's Top Stories, Japan's Tree Restaurant, More!

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NEW YORK—More year-end retrospectives: Eater NY reminisces about the 2009's biggest restaurant industry stories from the Big Apple, while New York Times critic Sam Sifton recounts his 11 favorite dishes of the year that was. [~ENY~]

ASIA—In Japan, they have awesome tree restaurants. That is all. [Greenmuze via Coldmud]

LAWSUITS—And the prize for wackiest restaurant-related lawsuit of the day goes to the following number: "Raina Kumra said in a negligence lawsuit filed last week that a stuffed moose head plummeted off a wall and onto her head at the Scandinavian-themed White Slab Palace on Oct. 4. She said she suffered a concussion and other injuries after being hit by the 150-pound moose head, adorned with 3-foot-wide antlers." [Crain's]

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