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Stephen Starr and Jose Garces Might Need a Timeout Soon

The Philly media is enjoying what may or may not be an escalating rivalry between two of the city's biggest food personalities: mega-restaurateur Stephen Starr and his onetime chef (and newest Iron Chef) Jose Garces. The Illadelph breaks the situation all the down, but the Cliff's Notes version is this: once upon a time, Garces left Starr's El Vez to open a very similar concept in Distrito, whose name is a reference to Mexico City (aka Distrito Federal). As it turns out, this week, Starr just happened to decide to give his upcoming restaurant a "working name" of Mexico City. A jab/wink at Garces? Who knows, but high-profile restaurant tiffs are always fun, right Washington DC?
· Is The Stephen Starr - Jose Garces Rivalry Escalating? [The Illadelph]

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