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DailyCandy Cuts Cities, Bouley Gets in Trouble, More!

MEDIA—Gawker reports that because of financial reasons, DailyCandy is cutting about half of its cities. The newsletter will keep five cities—New York, London, LA, Chicago and San Francisco—while eliminating the remaining seven cities: Miami, Dallas, DC, Boston, Atlanta, Seattle and Philly. Last year, Comcast bought DailyCandy for $125 million. [Gawker]

NEW YORK—According to the New York Times, renowned chef David Bouley is having some issues with the health department lately ... namely, that the health department keeps giving his restaurants really low scores. Let's just say it's always bad when the term "approximately 60 mouse excreta" is involved. [NYT]

'BUCKSWIRE—Remember those plans to streamline Starbucks' loyalty program? Here's what's happening. After December 26 if customers want a free refill or a free wifi, they will have to "earn" it based on frequency of visits. Five visits gets two hours of free wifi daily, and after 30 visits, every 15th beverage is free. [Eater LA]

NEW ORLEANS—It's a big week for openings in New Orleans, where three new anticipated restaurants have rolled out in the last few days: Crescent Pie & Sausage Company, Surrey's La Playa and Coulis. [Times-Picayune]