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Gourmet's Predictions for 2009: Did They Come True?

Around this time last year, Gourmet Magazine gazed into their crystal ball and predicted food and dining trends for 2009. Clearly, the teary shuttering of the magazine was not on the list, but much of what they did foresee came true. Let's take a look at a few of their calls:

· Eric Ripert Will Hang Up His Chef's Whites For Hollywood, Tony Bourdain Will Have An Action Figure: Yes, and no. While Eric Ripert extended his reach to include a greater media presence -- particularly with the premier of Avec Eric -- the fish-savvy superchef maintained his claim as one of the most dedicated kitchen men in the industry. Also, no Bourdain action figure,but there is a Kitchen Confidential sequel in the works.

· Due to the Nosediving Economy, Diners Will Be Offered Deals They Can't Refuse: Yes, and no. While many, many restaurants extended their restaurant week deals for long stretches of the year, 2009 saw restaurateurs finding many sneaky ways to squeeze dollars out of diners.

· A Rise in Popularity of Inexpensive Ethnic Food, Like Korean And Latino Fare. For the most part, yes, this came true. The Kogi BBQ truck in LA was the toast of the LA food scene with its fusion of Korean and Mexican food. A day-long Kogi pop-up in New York, generated way more excitement than kimchi quesadillas probably deserve.

·School Lunches Will Get Healthier: Yes, but only because of Jamie Oliver.

· A Mixology Backlash, Spurned by Mad Men's Popularity: No, the mixology trend continued unabated, with lower cost ingredients swapped out for pricier ones, perhaps, but people loved making crazy drinks in 2009. Also: Mad Men's popularity found its niche in weird pockets of the dining world.


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