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Drew Nieporent Predicts Doom For "Oversaturated" Vegas

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Wagging the finger.
Wagging the finger.

Mega-restaurateur Drew Nieporent recently made an appearance on Bloomberg TV to discuss a variety of topics, ranging from the general state of fine dining (the cream rises to the top even in recessions) to London's maybe-struggling dining scene, which reminds him of New York City 10 years ago. However, Big Drew saves his most intriguing tidbits when discussing Las Vegas, the infamous Donald Trump quotes and the new pantheon of fancy restaurants in the CityCenter.

Nieporent on the state of Vegas dining: "I don't want to follow Donald Trump...but Las Vegas is a wonderful place for restaurants nowadays but it seems to me that they've oversaturated. ... [The new CityCenter will] do well because it's new, but a lot of the other places in Vegas are going to feel the impact." In other words, CityCenter—which has been hailed as the savior of Vegas—could be a success in its own right, but at the same time, it could end up squashing the rest of Sin City. Discuss.
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