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Gordo Goes Ballistic; Sneak Peeking No Reservations Season 6

In this edition of The 5 Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Gordon Ramsay Goes AWOL, Bourdain Goes Drug Busting in Panama, Hoda and Kathie Lee throw a shimp on the barbie, and much, much more.

1) Gordo Hunts Boar, Rambo Style: The Brits have a pretty severe obsession with Gordon Ramsay. He's on something like five different programs over there, including F-Word, a popular cooking show with an "extreme" bent. In the clip below, a camouflage-decked Ramsay, armed to the teeth with various pistols and rifles, flies a chopper into the wilds of Georgia with a group of marines to hunt the most manly of all foods: wild boar. Ladies and gentleman, meet Macho Gordo [NSFW for language and butchery]:

2) Hoda and Kathie Lee Get Sloshed With Hunky Aussie Chef: Curtis Stone is a celebrity chef in his native Australia--he has had several cooking shows outside of the States, and has a CV full of culinary accomplishments to his name. When he shows up to Kathie Lee's beach-side house, however, he's just the chef with the sexy foreign accent there to cater to the Today Show hosts' every whim on their booze-soaked day in the sun:

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3) Domino's Messed Up Bad, They'll Make It Better: While it's not entirely uncommon for huge fast food chains to try and re-brand themselves by introducing new menu items or recipes, the Domino's marketing gurus are taking it to the next level with their video "The Pizza Turnaround." First, we see people's gripes via twitter, then "actual focus groups" angrily voicing their complaints about how bad the pizza is. Cut to some "actual pizza chefs" in an "actual kitchen" playing around with recipes, fancy cheeses, big pots of sauce (with secret, bleeped-out ingredients), and for a second there, you'd think this was an episode of Top Chef, and that the Voltaggios are going to prepare your pizza in 30 minutes or less.

4) Creepy La Choy Chow Mein Commercial (W/Muppets): Before there was Sesame Street, before there was The Muppet Show, there were the weird commercials Jim Henson made to pay the bills. One of the strangest of all is this commercial from 1966 for La Choy Chow Mein, featuring an angry dragon muppet voiced by the man himself. Usually, magical characters in canned food commercials inspire enthusiasm in the housewives at the supermarket, but the dragon in this one only seems to enerve shoppers:

5) Revealing Teaser Trailer For Season 6 of No Reservations: Things we learn about the new season of No Reservations from the trailer that just hit Youtube: 1) Bourdain goes to Panama and sets fire to cocaine fields 2) Tony sits down with Josh Ozersky at the Minetta Tavern. 3) Bourdain still loves drinking and cursing:

Bonus Video: Guy Fieri Wipes Out On a Segway: You'd think that Guy Fieri would not only know how to ride a Segway, but be able to do a bunch of rad tricks on it. Not the case:

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