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Outback Settles For $19 Mill, The Decade's Worst Trends

LAWSUITS—After being hit with a sex discrimination lawsuit, Outback Steakhouse has settled with the plaintiffs. The restaurant will pay has agreed to pay $19 million to its female workers and take other steps, like hiring a new human resources person. [AP]

TRENDS—Around this time of year, there's an abundance of talk about the upcoming year's trends and decade retrospectives, but what about the worst trends of the past decade? Some of the more notable offenders in the Guardian's curmudgeonly eyes: calling everything tapas, molecular gastronomy, gastropubs, bloggers and chefs as brand extensions. [Guardian]

TOP CHEFFAGE—If there was a Top Chef contestant most likely to be featured in Home & Design, is there any doubt that it wouldn't be Bryan Voltaggio? [H&D]

CHAINS—In the "Do Not Want" category of fast food things: McDonald's is offering a Holiday Pie. It's described thusly: " looks like a sugary pastry tube covered with sprinkles and filled with scrambled eggs." That's only the beginning. [Mr Inconspicuous]

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