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Eric Ripert Makes Lobster Salad On The Early Show; The Culinary Schoolhouse Rock!

In this edition of The 5 Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Eric Ripert shows us how to cook lobsters, a song that teaches kids how to blanch vegetables, Jose Andres gets crazy with Craig Ferguson, again, and much, much more.

Eric Ripert Makes Lobsters on The Early Show: Eric Ripert knows more about cooking fish than perhaps any man alive, so it's a real treat to see him prepare a painfully simple lobster salad dish, in three minutes, on morning show T.V.. Even if the dish is child's play for the Le Bernardin chef, you can still tell the man cares:

What Did We Learn Tonight On The Show Tonight, Craig? With Jose Andres: On Thursday, we watched some of the inspired lunacy of Jose Andres' appearence on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last week. Below, is the second part of their hang-out session, where Mr. Andres gives tips for repurposing melted ice cream, and mentions, among other things, that he's taking English lessons:

Shock Shock Shock (Those Vegetables):Chef Do-Re-Mi is a video series that does for French cooking techniques what Schoolhouse Rock! did for grammar, American history, and the times tables. A little background: one of its creators, Julia Douglas, trained at the International Culinary Institute, and had a chef externship at New York's Anissa where she worked closely with Chef Anita Lo. It's no surprise then, that the video below for "Shock Shock Shock (Those Vegetables)", features an animated version of the Top Chef Masters star, as the drummer in a band that teaches kids the right way to cook vegetables:

Mostly Martha Trailer: Before there was Julie and Julia, there was Mostly Martha, the German film about a pretty chef who is missing one important ingredient in her life: Love. Lord only knows why Hollywood decided to remake this film with Aaron Eckhart and Catherine Zeta-Jones -- it's clear that the original could not be bested. The trailer below has one of the most inspired tag-lines ever: It's A Little Bit Sweet...Definitely Spicy....But Mostly Martha.

The When Do We Eat? Trailer: Speaking of food movie trailers, ever heard of a little gem from 2006 called When Do We Eat? It's a dramedy about a family getting together for a passover dinner that's one part Home For The Holidays, one part My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and one part Home for Purim. Mazel Tov!

Bonus Video! Did you know that Jaegermister has 56 herbs and spices, that make it an ideal base for a beef marinade? No? Well, thankfully Top Chef Season 4 contestant Ryan Fox appeared on Fox & Friends' Christmas morning show to share his recipe for the boozy beef dish (also: truffled mashed potatoes and confit mushrooms. Fancy!) Frat boys, get a pad and pencil, and head here.

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