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75 Years of Cheezborgers, Gasol's Spanish Chef BFF, More!

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CHICAGOThe Billy Goat Tavern, one of Chicago's best-known restaurants celebrated its 75th birthday this weekend. The joint became became famous when Chicago's own John Belushi spoofed it on Saturday Night Live with the whole Cheezborger skit. [ABC]

LOS ANGELES—NBA star Pau Gasol on his chef buddies in LA; those Spaniards stick together: "I go to The Bazaar a lot. I thought that was really good. The ambiance is very good. Really L.A.-ish. It's a cool place to go, have some tapas. I'm friends with José [Andrés]. He gives me bigger portions than usual." [NBC]

CHAINDOMStarting in 2010, all Pizza Hut pizzas will cost $10. Unless you want stuffed crust. That's a buck extra. [PRNewsWire]

[Photo: Flickr/tadson]

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