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Padma Talks Star Trek; Superhero Delivers Pizza

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In this edition of The 5 Food And Dining Videos That You Need To Watch Today, Padma talks Star Trek, the "We Eating" boys make a burrito run, a hipster in a super hero costume delivers a pizza, and much, much more.

1) Padma Lakshmi's Cubicle Confession: In this video interview of from earlier this year --which just hit the youtubes today-- Padma not only says that she thinks Top Chef: Season 6 has the strongest chefs of the show's history, but she also dishes about her stint on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

2) The "We Eating" Boys Make a Burrito Run: Hot on the heals of the reveal that Bobby Flay filmed an episode of Throwdown at SF burrito joint Papalote, Gus and Big Jon, the hosts of awesome dining-out web series "We Eating" drop by the taqueria to sample an adobo burrito and chat with owner DJ Mr. E. The video below is like something from MTV in the early 90's-- complete with fish-lense camera angles, wacky effects, and trunk-rattling jams:

3) Vintage Foldgers Commercial "Peter Comes Home": If you were alive in the 80's, you probably remember the Foldger's Christmas commercial "Peter Comes Home." The coffee co seems well aware of this, as they're currently running an updated version the commercial where Peter is no longer a college student home for break, but a Peace Corps volunteer back from West Africa. The new one totally blows. The original however, is goofy and sweet, like all of the best Christmas traditions:

4) Super Hero Delivers Pizza: Galatcitc Pizza in Minneapolis MN offers something other pizzerias can't: delivery guys dressed in superhero costumes. What's more, Galatctic is an eco-friendly business, so the caped pizzamen have to drive around in tiny, electric-powered vehicles. The video below chronicles a day in the life of your average costumed superhero pizza deliver guy:

5) Flair Bartenders Do Crazy Stuff: If you only watch one video of flair bartending in your entire life, please, let it be this one. It's true, the rise of extreme mixology is one of the worst trends of the decade, but these bartenders from the LXB Carribean Bar almost justifies the artform with their use of both magic tricks and measuring tapes in their Red-Bull heavy drink-making:

Bonus Video: One more reason why the British Version of Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live is better than the American one: They get Gordon Ramsay Impersonators to cookalong, live. In this clip professional Gordo impersonator Martin Jordan (real occupation: plastic manufacturer), interacts live via sattelite with the man himself. Its *almost* to much Ramsay [Youtube]

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