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Colicchio's Craftsteak Switcheroo, More CityCenter Opinions

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NEW YORK CITY—Sneaking in right before the holidays is the big news that Tom Colicchio will be shuttering his Craftsteak restaurant in Manhattan and opening a new restaurant in its place, to be called Colicchio & Sons Tap Room . Colicchio says he is closing his two-star steakhouse because the excitement has worn down and because "people aren’t really coming out for $100 steaks." True story. [Eater NY]

TOP CHEFFAGE—For all those who doubted that early castoff Jesse Sandlin was really sick after her no-show on the Top Chef Vegas reunion, she insists that she really did have kidney stones. So there. [BS]

LAS VEGAS—The WSJ's resident architecture expert chimes in on the CityCenter design, with a decidedly different opinion from Donald Trump. Writes David Littlejohn: "It's the most successful building designed by Daniel Libeskind I have seen...Presuming it survives, perhaps even helps to turn around that place's's near-disastrous recent decline in visitors and revenues, its greatest contribution may be what it has to teach visitors and other observers about the value of fine art, decoration and architecture, careful planning, and sustainable design." [WSJ]

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